Just Technik, 2017

Rubber coat
Calves Rubber Rollmatte black,
With burling, 2cm x 300cm x 120cm
8 x clamping set

Digital timer clock
Electronic gate keeper with light sensor
4 x idler pulley, hatch 24cm x 30cm
Barn cord ca 3.5m
Loop 15min

Palliative Schurr
Video_goat 28‘
Video_ross 2‘

Small technical processes should improve the quality of life of productive livestock and simultaneously simplify the work of their keepers. Every basic need is automated by machines. At 8AM, 10AM, 12AM, 2PM, 4PM and 6PM the automated grate of the food dispensary and the meadow of Mrs Seiler opens up and the horses can eat. The mats are urine proof and not slippery. A 2x2 m wooden frame filled with straw and chipped wood serves as a natural toilet. Mrs Seiler is happy. She can sleep in every day. The animals are fed, happy and clean. The sculpture “rubber goat” is held together by the idler pulleys. The mats weigh over 100 kilograms. Next to the sculpture a noise of a crosspatch is sporadically emitted. In the next room the movie ‘Palliative Schur’ is played. It shows goats from the Swiss region of Grisons using a scratching machine. It only plays sound when the rotary brushes are in use. „Quasianalog“ is tied together with barn cords. A machine that works as a hatch is opened or closed every 15 minutes from sunrise to sunset. „showstehler“ is part of a performance serie started in 2016. I do spontaneous tricks with dogs in exhibitions spaces. Or just let them play together.