JUSTechnik2, 2018

Swisspor EPS
Quickmix B03 600kg
Eismann H 100G
York Lieber Pourfetta 2052
01/02/2V 2.1-03
Otto Eisenberger
UV 2.1 F184

„JUSTechnik No2“ is shown in a building, which is revived shortly before its demolition. The art presented on and in the dying building will disappear with the demolition. The work is divided into two rooms. In the front room, towers are stacked by small concrete slabs, some of which have collapsed or are very fragile in and out of each other. The amount of concrete used is defined by the maximum load capacity of the soil - 200 kg per square meter. In the process an average weight of the visitors was included and room was left free for them. The discs are as big as they can hold hands. The second part of the work is in the back room. This was in the original use of the building a technical room, where all Internet connections and telephone lines came together. The room is full of technical equipment. Some of them still worked and were in operation during the time of the exhibition. For example, the room was permanently cooled down and the emergency power light provided the lighting for the showroom.