TURNUS, 2015

solar panel
electricity cable
storage apparatus
car cigarette lighter
Ipad 7,9‘‘
2 x solar panel
Monitor left 45 minute Video
Monitor right 150 rotating images

TURNUS consists of two videos. One shows animated instructional videos about renewable energy and the other shows different world scenarios that could develop with this technology. Utopia worlds from architects, designers, videogamers and so on. The audio track remains the original audio track of the video. Erik Satie, the score of Mac Gyver and techno music from the 90s are audible in those 40 minutes of audio. Solar panels are placed on the walls like pieces of art. The installation is extended by a system that converts the light in the room into power. The power acts as a source that periodically ignites a car cigarette lighter where visitors of the exhibition can light their cigarettes.