Für Meisen und Erlenzeisige, 2015

wild birds
200 disposable bird feeders
video surveillance system

video 8min

coffee cream lids

The work “Fur Meisen und Erlenzeisige” deals with invasive animal species in Switzerland. Various foreign animals travel into Switzerland through the Rhine. In 2015 there should be a interregional strategy paper that outlines what should happen to those animals. The exhibition in located in Kreuzlingen which borders on southern Germany. A place where these border hoppers can be observed very frequently. An upcoming law for the deportation of foreign animals is to be discussed. The work consists of a video taken from “SRF Tagesschau”, where the problem is discussed in detail. Displayed are two hundred disposable bird feeders suited for tomtits and siskins (Swiss bird breeds that don’t leave the country even in the winter), a video surveillance system with recording functionality and coffee cream lids from Emmy that display a goose which is native to asia.