43'820 lux :), 2016

Halogen light from the exhibition room
5 halogen lamps
Ipad 7,9‘‘
Parts for the rear projection television:
Fresnel lens 43‘‘
Matt screen 43‘‘
Plexiglass 43‘‘
Mirror 120x80x80cm
Object lens with fluorescent fimo stand

All objects in view were removed from a 43” rear projection television and were arranged in the room. Only the light source was removed and replaced by a halogen lamp. On passing the spectral colors move in different patterns and sizes through the fresnel lens which is placed in a recess. Behind there is a trapezoid mirror, which is illuminated by exactly 5 lamps. An object lens reflects the entire light installation (5 cm) onto the wall in crisp clearness. Light reflections form on the plexiglass. On the matt screen abstract patterns are formed. All three screens allow the television to have a perfect picture. The iPad plays a video from SRF Meteo which explains how much dopamine the human body produces when it is exposed to a quantity of Lumen. Optimal are ~ 50’000 lux. The 5 lamps and the light of the room are directed onto a fresnel lens by the mirror. If you move your face into the rays of the installation, it gets exposed to exactly 43’830 lux. Just enough to become happy.